Friday, October 23, 2009

Punkin time in Harlingen

Deven and his punkin choice..............................

Jayden picks not one, but 2 punkins...ahh was a fun time!!!

Now I know this is not a punkin patch like in many other places, but here in the valley it's what we have, and we love it, year after year. The Methodist church sets this up yearly and it is becoming a holiday tradition for our family...A couple of years ago I took the great nieces and Deven and I went last year and now this year not only did Dev go, but we took Jayden also. I am not sure who had the most fun Jayden or the ladies working the punkin patch...Jayden talks to everyone (well, unless your family and then he ignores you, haha,,,thats a whole other post, haha). He talked to them not only about the punkins but the ghourds, to which he had never seen these before. They fascinated him. We were at the patch for almost hour...We looked and held literally every size, shape, or color of punkin you can imagine..haha..he could have chosen any punkin he wanted and the above is what he came out with....2 smalls ones....gotta love him....I am going to do the layouts of these pics soon so you can check them out on my crafty blog:

until next time----Sandi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looky, Devin's sissy, Daniella

I've been busy working on the house lately in the playroom and working on a few projects that have taken a back seat wayyyyyy too long, hhahaa...I have missed my nephews so much lately, I decided to go pick Deven up from daycare early..Now before you start gettin on to me about showing favortism , its not, his Mom doesn't allow anyone to pick up Jay ( and thats a whole other story, right Kat???, haha)After taking Deven to visit Grandma Josephine we ended up playing at my house for a few hours and then it was time to head to our old stomping grounds, Raymondville. Minerva and her sisters threw a birthday party for their oldest sister, Janie and guess who got invited...yep me...hahaha woohoo....anyway, that just opened the door to spending time with all my nieces and nephews from my brother's family....and what a night we had...I have the cutest 2 nephews and the youngest niece, Daniella, well, tell me, is she not just beautiful????I know, her looks come from her mom, can't ya tell!!!! Don't have much to post lately but thought i'd share a few pics from the party....the cute ones are: Deven, Daniella, & not to EVER be left out, Jayden...and he's a post in himself..hahaha....enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Stephen Christopher Runyan, aka, Stevie
Our little 4.7 lb baby turned 30 today. Jim and I can't imagine where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our little premie baby home and we were scared to death to hurt him, haha.....Now he still scares us!!! hahaha..just kidding...We were blessed with just one child and Jim and I both agree, we are so forunate we were blessed with Steve. He is funny, cutting and darling all at the same time. He is a good blend of both Jim and I, but, oh my, he is so his own person also, haha...which has kept life very interesting for those 30 years. As a child we just adored him, as a teenager, its a wonder we didn't kill each other, and as an adult, we are so proud God gave him especially to us... Happy birthday, Steve...We love you!!!

Mom and Dad (oh yeah, and sometimes he calls me Sandra, haha)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Seriously..when I used to wallpaper I was in my twenties & thirties and here I am 50 and I can tell you getting up and down is not easy, nor is it purdy with an overweight woman getting off the I had a plan to get the kitchen wallpapered by 1 and have it all put back together by 5...Well that didn't happen, but I am almost through----hanging that is....Jim is lovin the white, but between you and me, its cuz he doesn't want to paint...haha...but tomorrow morning when I walk out the door, i am going to leave knowing when I come home its going to be a beautiful clear yellow...don't say yuck..its a very light, but clear yellow...Kim picked it out, cuz she knows these things..don't ask me why I would trust someone else with this, but TRUST ME when I say, I really shouldn't be picking out colors all by myself..I don't even want to show you the picture of the pretty light rose I chose to paint it last wasn't not what i had fact, the vision of it has been a nightmare since almost day 1 and thats been about 8 years I've lived with it this long is beyond me..haha!!!! At any rate, out with the old and in with the new!!!!! Jim has been hanging the blinds & curtains and oh what a difference they make...when I say curtains, I mean one really does curtains anymore do they?????? And as I said before, the windows would go naked if it were up to me...haha....Well here we are 4 1/2 hours past deadline, but its ok, I am almost done...I will go to bed with a new kitchen tonight...ahhhh...sometimes, change is very good.......


Aww for some of us it feels like spring....Its been in the 70's and 80's for the past few weeks and today its a brisk 51 degrees..The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it just feels like its time to clean..My motto is "housework makes you ugly" but reality is if I don't want adult services to come in and take Jim away from me, haha, I must get ugly today....haha.....We made a quick trip to several stores yesterday...we started off getting things ready to wallpaper and we stopped..I needed a few more things...We headed out and got all new sheers for the breakfast room, kitchen, livingroom and hallway...woohoo.....I am so excited except for the fact that Jim has to put miniblinds up in those areas also..I know, I know, so 80's but for some reason Jim has issues that date back to his childhood for whatever reason..He has this thing that people will be looking in the windows...well, I've never seen anyone attempt to do this, but if he'd stop wandering around in his underroos then maybe he wouldn't worry so much about any rate, Jim won the mini's are going up today and he said he'd hang the curtains as well...well can't really fight with that too much..I do so prefer naked windows though...
I will start wallpapering the kitchen so he can get it painted...Oh, yeah, did I mention this is paintable wallpaper...Don't even mention this to Jim or it will start him off on this....double work, crazy, yada, yada, yeah I've heard it all since about noon yesterday..haha...oh well, I won this battle and thats what counts, we're even..I mean a girls place is in the kitchen right???Ahhh WROOOOOOOOOOOOOONG...but it is her's to decorate any way she wants..haha...I am having way too much fun with all of this....I will post a pic of the kitchen once I get it done hopefully by late tonight...
I am hoping next week that Jim will lay the old laminate floor in the livingroom & hallway.,,,technically its not old but Jim says I can't call it new cuz I bought it when he left for Iraq the first time..when did that war start???? Oh well, yes, its been stacked in the spare room since that time, but I am hoping that since Jim is not working away from home anymore we can get this done....his priorities are so different than mine. Jim is actually such a good sport that I have to poke fun of him every now and then....He's in the kitchen getting everything ready so I can goal to have it hung by 1 and he can have it painted and we can put it back together by 5 ( yes my fingers are crossed).....I have to give him extra time cuz I will call him at least 100 times to help me with other projects..thank goodness he's patient....
All work has to stop by 5 cuz I have a project or two i need to do to post on my other blog..its been sitting empty over there for quite a while.....Now don't feel too sorry for Jim, cuz when I leave tomorrow I am leaving a gift card on the cabinet by his coffee to go get a pedicure....don't laugh...REAL MEN get peds...and he's got the best lookin male feet around..haha...See you on the flip side....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am still just flying high about my recent trip to the cornfields of Indiana. I love the midwest...wouldn't make a good midwesterner myself, but I love it from the open fields to the antiques to the warm friendly people i have met over the years. As I have said over and over I hit fifty a few weeks ago. Jim took me to see my friend Kim and she and her girls in turn, introduced me to some of their really good and special friends. Let's see,,,,there was Lindsey, Joy, Samantha, Trevor, Stephan, Grace & her parents (sorry, its a known fact if you have children you no longer h ave first names, just known as their parents, therefore I have omitted your names ON PURPOSE, HAHAHA!) and Kay (WOW, what a girl!!!)..I am sure I not only missed a few but totally messed up the spellings of your names....Now I know the only reason Kim & Steve still live in Nowhere, USA....its their friends..They are amazing!!!

Now Kim has always, always made me feel special even during times when I'm not, and I am sure she oversold me to her friends...haha..but who cares..I loved it... Kay made me feel so special on the day before we left Indiana--she threw a tea party and INVITED LIL OL ME!!!!....What a blast that was...She set the table and Joy (her daughter and might I just add she totally fits her name, she is truly a joy and darling as well) folded the napkins just like MARTHA would...the table was darling...We all had our own individual tea pots with tea (well except me, we drink ICED tea in Texas, haha) and she had the best little sandwiches and desserts that were to die for, complete with lemon curd!!!! Oh my..I felt like I had died and gone to the big tea party in the sky.....It was such a lovely morning and Kay, you truly have the gift of hospitality...Thank you for not only sharing your tea sets, your beautiful home and your daughter Joy with me, but it was so clear Jesus is the guest of all that goes on amongst your home. Thanks again for a memorable time in Indiana. I will always remember it and you!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary

to the love of my life.... Wow, its been 31 years, can you believe it??? Where has the time gone? Are you as amazed at how fast its gone by and what we've bundled into those years as I am? Its been a great 31 and I am looking forward to the next 31. You are still the kind, caring man I fell in love with so many years ago. The blonde hair has been replaced with a few scraggly gray ones and there are now lines around your eyes, but your heart has remained the same. I love you for many, many things but mostly because you are you and you gave me Steve. I love you Jim...Happy Anniversary and may our journey continue. Love, Sandi


The next time I want to take a vacation for more than a week, would someone please STOP ME!!! haha! I love vacation but I love being home. Now don't get me wrong, vacation is great and friends are even better but being away from home for too long is not a good thing for me. I was never one as a child who enjoyed going to others to "spend the night"..I loved going to play or hang out but I always wanted to be back home when it was time for my head to hit the pillow. Now so much for that but here's to the fun stuff of my vacation....FRIENDS!!!!! Kim & I have been BFF'S for about 25 years, wow!!!! It was great to just go hang out, kick back and experience some of life's simple pleasures with for instance---my 50th birthday..did I say thank you for making it so special and to Katianna for making me the most fabulous Italian b'day dinner complete with wine!!!! Oh yummy....and then there was that late night hot cocoa experience and I do say experience....that cocoa recipe was so much better than Starbucks....and lets not forget Rachels birthday gift to me...a great gift certificate to YOUR FIRED!! where she works and I got to pick out my own gift and shall we say "create" its outcome...haha!!! I do hate to brag so I won't go on and on about the wonderful footrub & manicure i got from Kati and Rachel except to say that sounds came out of my mouth from that that should not have...hahaha... At any rate, this was a very fun and relaxing part of our trip. Jim was thrilled to be with "his girls" once again..I happily share a piece of his heart with these 2 special girls..there are none like them.. Here's a quick couple of pics of my birthday just a quick funny...Kim only had 25 of the 50 birthday candles needed for my cake...funny girl was going to light them twice...well, by the time she lite all the candles & I finally got them all blown out, the icing on the top of my cake was melting....hahahaha...meaning, she couldn't relight for fear we would set the house on fire...hahahaha....Thanks again, Mingles for the great and memorable birthday......

Monday, February 02, 2009


Oh, my gosh, I just realized for the first time in my life when someone called me Mrs. Runyan I didn't correct them and say "hey my name is Sandi". After all Mrs. Runyan is my mother in law not me. Even when Steve was young and growing up all his friends called me Sandi or at worst Miss Sandi. That I could take. This Mrs. stuff just never seemed to fit me. I mean really, when you look at me don'tcha just see Sandi???Today one of Jim's fellow soldiers came in and of course he always calls me Mrs. Runyan ( I always correct, but he alwasy starts out that way, haha) but I have finally just accepted thats who I am now. All these years that name has felt so old, and so odd for me. I didn't even correct and boy is that weird for me. So weird that I am thinking, yep I am turning 50 and its goes with the territory.haha....For some odd reason when I look in the mirrow I still don't see anyone past say age 36, I mean I just don't see it..haha...I can feel it, but I don't see it..haha...At any rate, I guess I am just gonna have to own it now. I think I finally feel like Mrs. Runyan...oh geeze....what next!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


(picture we took several years ago in Indiana on one of our fast trips there)

After all its our duty as Americans to do our part, so we are taking off....
I love holidays & vacation time..I especially love birthdays that are celebrated BIG!!! This year I turn 50. Now I know to some of you that is "getting there" but for me, it is just great that at least I "got there" , haha.

Jim is taking me to see one of my BFF's in Indiana. Its snowing & icing there but I don't care. I get to go and hang out, drink hot chocolate, get pampered, and chat to the wee hours of the night with someone who probably understands me better than I understand myself..scarry---just a bit, haha!!!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing Kim & her family, meeting her new friends and shopping....ok, this is HUGE!! I'll let you in on a secret of mine...Kim lives 30 minutes from IKEA and that is a dream trip for me..haha...I know, I don't get out much do I, but my wants are so small haha...anyway, got my list, been shopping online and will come home with organizational stuff for the playroom and hopefully a few surprises for Amy & Steve.

I just finalized the hotel & car rental reservations so now I really feel like I'm going someplace. YEAH!!!!!! We are first headed to Ill. to visit with Jim's family for a few days. That will be great in itself as I love the St Louis area.

Then we will head out to Indiana...depending on the weather (which isn't so great right now) we will head up to the Amish Country (my birthday present). I just love it up there...I mean I just love to that ok???? I am just amazed at how these people live in their glad God has never required that of me.... I mean I am allergic to animals, being outdoors, and manual labor just to start with. I love the modern conveniences but there is something so charming about this area and the people.... I did however learn after my last visit there that I was not suppose to take pics of the Amish's faces...yeah whatever, but they make such fabulous pics....thought I'd share with you.... anyhow, I now know the rules and will respect that but am hoping the weather holds out for us...

We are also headed to Louisville to pick up Jim's stuff from Iraq (and can I just say I will be so glad when he has possession of that stuff again, cuz I am so tired of hearing about it, haha) and then back to Ill for another mini visit with Jim's parents before we head that time I will be so happy to be back at our warm spring like weather in south Texas...

Anyhow, got to run get ready for work and then the packing begins...we only have 4 days will fly by, especially since I am working all 4 of them...Anyway, don't know if I'll have access to a computer (not taking the laptop, too much trouble with all we are bringing home) but i will post when I get home..until then....CHOW!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Meet our Rachel...Rachel came into our lives over 20 years ago. Wow, has it really been that long? We have watched Rachel grow from a small child into a wonderful young lady. The years have shaped Rachel into a very thought provocative person. She is a fun loving girl who enjoys life and feels strongly that those that are created be allowed to live as well.... Above is a picture of Rachel as she along with her friends and a group from a Catholic church embarked upon Washington DC the day after inauguration to let their voices speak for those who are not allowed a voice. Rachel, Jim & I are so very proud of you, not for just who you are but who you are becoming. We love you!!.Look out world, she is about to embark upon you!!!..Yes, you are our favorite...who cares, I said it..haha!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Transition Time

Jim & I made a few changes in our lives recently. This has put him at home---for very long periods of time( did you notice I said long?)...hahaha!!! He has developed new habits that I find so interesting. He loves to watch tv but he especially likes and watches for Martha. You know the blonde entrepreneur who did time in prison??? Jim loves to cook so that part I understand, but he now tries to tell me about the latest crafties Martha does and did I know such and such. If I don't, not to worry, he'll explain it down to the last detail and I should give it a try. He is always snarking about my one & only vice---my soap opera...Now, I don't hound him about Repo man and some of the other stup--ughh I mean programs he watches, but he always talks about how wasteful it is for me to watch the Y&R, then sits down and tells me what Mrs. Chancellor is going to do next and did I notice yesterday when Phyllis was in Paris yada yada yada happened...right, buddy, this is a waste of MY time..haha!!!! He also uses the clothes dryer as an iron..yeah thats right--that 220 volt piece of equipment that sends that meter rotating faster than a roller coaster. Which brings me to the kitchen. He must have never had to do a dish growing up cuz that man uses more dishes (plates, cups, mugs, doesn't matter, he doesn't discriminate) than anyone I've ever seen. If he's having a piece of toast, well forget that a napkin might work, lets bring out the stoneware...If its a holiday and dishes are a bit backed up or in the dishwasher, don't worry, we've got china for that piece of toast. And then there are those phone conversations I have with my friends. He will have nothing to say to me for most of the day UNTIL I dial a number..then he wants to know who I am calling and then proceed to have a conversation with me the whole time I am on the phone..Now don't get me wrong, I love having him around and there is nothing like that smile but doggone it, if this keeps up I'm gonna have to be on medication..haha.....have a fabulous tomorrow!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Note to President & Mrs. Bush

Thank you for 8 years of service to our great country. For Jim, it was an honor to serve under your leadership. As Jim says, when that phone rings at 3 a.m it was George Bush he had confidence that could make a decision at that time and know it was right. As he left for Iraq, not once, but twice, he did so confidently knowing his "back would be covered" and knowing the mission was a just & worthy cause. Though not all share our feelings, I believe history will serve you well and you will be given credit where it is due. As with all of us, mistakes are made, it is just unfortunate that you are not given the grace we are all extended. Thank you for bringing calmness to our country during 9/11 and for always having the American's best interest at heart. But most of all, thank you for leading with conviction from your heart and a love for the God whose values our country was founded upon. And thank you so much for just being who you are. May God bless you and Laura and all that you do to continue to serve Him!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Have I ever told you how much I enjoy being an aunt? I became an aunt for the very first time when I was 16. I've enjoyed that title since the first time I saw this beautiful little red haired baby, it was definitely love at first sight. And I have to tell you, its even better the next generation around. I have 4 1/2 grand-nieces and 2 grand-nephews. Ah, be still my heart, grand doesn't even begin to describe it, haha!!! The girls are all in Oklahoma courtesy of Uncle Sam (can you tell I am pouting?) and we only get to see them occassionally, though I love them all the same. Then there is 1/2 pint who is due to arrive in late March, early April who is Loralee (and I am sure I misspelled it, but no worry, her mother won't see my blog anyway, haha) and who we can't wait to get here!!! Which brings me to "our boyz". Jayden & Deven. Wow!!! I love boys. I've always said since we could only have one child I am so glad it was a boy. There is nothing like them at all. Being around these two just bring back so many happy memories about Stevie and his growing up years, I think that is probably part of the attachment, besides them being so dang cute!!!
Anyway, lost my train (no pun intendend, but fight so well don'tcha think? wink, wink) of thought for a minute, or the reason of my 2nd blog for the day (yeah thats right 2, count them!!)...It was Deven's 3 rd birthday (and he does know how many fingers he is, he can pull those 3 fingers up if you ask him how old he is). So celebrate we did!!! Grandma Minerva pulled out all the stops complete with a jumping castle (was it castle????) and a real train (ok, a hot fixed up lawnmower, but it looked like one!!..It was a blast. The kids and adults all loved riding in the train and I did too..haha...Aunt Kat enjoyed being the Aunt of the day (come on Kat, now you know why I spoiled Bubba so much, don'tcha ya???? go ahead you can finnnnalllllllllllllllllllllllly admit it, and put those therapy sessions behind you!!!) and bought him the most beautiful cake for his special day. Deven loves all things animals especially those that growl and make noises (ok, jayden shares this as well, haha) so of course this cake had to be spectacular. Kat is our internet shopping queen. She can find and come up with anything as long as she has the internet at her fingers. Check out that cake!!! It was awesome not only in looks but flavorful as well. No HEB or Walmart cakes for her nephew..hhahahah...anyway, enjoy the pics and try not to drool over these boys too much. They won't be available until two thousand, well never. We will never let them go...haha....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVEN. You are loved by so many!!!

OOPS, I've done it again!!!


I've walked away from the blogging world!!! Life has become way to busy but with 2009 here, all things are changing. Jim and I are making major changes in our lives, one that will involve him no longer working away from home. Plans are in the make for him to return to school, and he retires from the reserves in May....Yeah!!! Way to go GI Jim.....He has quite a few medical things to get ahold of and his paperwork for school wasn't received (ughhh, though this almost seems to be a blessing) so he is going to be a househusband for a few months and concentrating on getting some much needed things done. Anyway, it is so great to have him home. I've really missed my best friend (though, I have to say, getting used to living together again full time has been no picnic), haha....I'm beginning to realize its really not all about me. Sad, but true..haha....Anyway, Jim has the greatest dispostion of anyone I know and just makes my days so happy.... Ok, so, here's whats been going on for the month of December. Jim was Santa once again for him unit at the 370th Christmas party and I have to say Jim makes a fabulous Santa and I say that without any prejudice whatsoever....just ask around..haha...Also, on Christmas morning, he was no longer Uncle JimaLee as he is so loving called by his grand-nephews, but Santa Claus. To say it was magical is no exaggeration. It was wonderful and the boys just loved him. I am thinking we can get one more year out of Santa before the boys realize its really JimaLee under that suit. I will be back in the new year posting ramblings on our comings & goings and what lies ahead. We have made our resolutions and hope to keep at least 2 of them..haha...Lets face it, it never happens..haha...Enjoy the pics and come back to visit us often.