Saturday, February 03, 2007


Here we are practically on the eve of the biggest event of the year for my son. I had anticipated several times this week on what special "SUPER BOWL" treats to throw together for our biggest fan, Steve. Wings was first on the list, as he loves these. Of course, the dreaded coke was next, can't have a bowl party without the fizz. Pizza, he has to have pizza, cuz thats what he and his grandpa had every game day!!! I had gotten that far with the menu when I got the dreaded phone call. What? Not coming home this weekend? Huh?????? What do you mean you are staying home? Why? Oh, yeah, the new big screen tv had won out. Why of course he and Amy would watch from there. His plans are to go pick up the party goods after work tonight and be ready for the event first thing tomorrow. But for Steve, the Super bowl is more than just the teams, the food, the company. Its about memories. Steve didn't get to know his grandpa for very long (we lived away most of Steve's life until he was 12), but the few years he had, were very significant ones in his life. He LOVED his grandpa, without doub,without question. And the two of them loved sports!!! They shared many Sunday afternoons and evenings with pizza, coke and a tv. Bonds were made those days between the two. Shouts and laughter were always a part of the event. They seemed to feel they were there on the field,haha!! Steve looked forward to all his time with his grandpa and I know that tomorrow when the footbal is kicked for the first time, he is going to remember one man who spent many, many Sunday afternoons sharing time with him. Thanks, Dad, for sharing your love of sports with Steve and giving him so many heartfelt memories.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


The only child that thinks the world evolves only around them. I can say this, because I am the mother (no, not muther, don't EVEN go there) of an only child. It was your typical scrapbooking crop. Bright lights were on, empty tables eagerly awaiting all the scrapbooking tools and supplies,of oh say,maybe 4 per table!! The scrapbookers came in one by one, carrying or pulling overstuffed bags with supplies to help create those fabulous pages. Everyone scouted out the room to determine where and just how much space they'd each need (and yes, we do need room). There I am at the head of a table (which by the way, these tables are at 6 ft long and 3 ft deep, plenty of space) in my own little area, with room to grow. But there she comes, a newbie to the scrapbooking world,entering the room like, "here I am!!" She puts her things next to mine, or so i thought. I turn around from helping someone and there it all is, a store full of stuff totally layed out on the table, by colors, category, and tool. This newbie had a wonderful smile on her face and was so excited to be there to work on her creations....uh,,,,excuse me....whats this about ..apparently I am sharing my table with obsessive,compulsive , overly eager new scrapbooker!!!! There I am shoved in my own little corner with no place to grow.And scrapbookers need a place to grow, trust me.... Forget that other people were going to have to squeeze in somewhere else, because this one had "taken over" the table with no place for anyone else to sit.. Yes, we know, 'ITS ALL ABOUT YOOUUUUUUUU"!!!! To that I say 'TABLE HOG!!!'....yes, she has a name and I feel that to protect all my scrapbooking buddies out there is cyberspace I must report her name-----Heather----please be on the lookout for her....she's ruthless.....hahahahaha!!!! It was actually a fun day and reminded me of the fun I had when I first started scrapbooking. I think I had more fun watching her than working on my own pages yesterday....Heather, welcome to my world..I will let you shove me in a corner anytime...You are so much fun!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


But oh, my, how delightful!!!! Its here, its here--Winter has finally arrived. I was acually cold today for awhile. The hot flashes were totally controlled by the weather--imagine that!! We are under, hot your pants on-----freeze warnings...I love it!!! My favorite time of the year. My sinus' are reaping havoc on me though, but I can deal with it. It is great---hot cocoa, movies, a soft blankie, and homemade soups---ahh winter brings all those comfort things with it. I sleep so good, and of course I always cover my head in the winter while I sleep..Don't ask why? I don't know, i just do, kinda weird, but hey, who really cares..haha...and I have to set the alarm for 3o minutes earlier, because I have to push the snooze button at least 10 times before i get up. I can't help, its like I am trying to psych myself out..The weather will be this way for over a week, and I am sure I will be happy to see the warmth come back afterwards, but for now I will be enjoying this while it lasts. Welcome, winter!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, here we are mid January and I have barely touched on my New Years Resolutions. I have the "diet" book and chart located and they are now on the desk. I don't really have plans to open that book today as tomorrow is Monday, and the rule is Monday is the beginning of any diet (yes, it is, just look at any diet rule book), and I am not quite ready to "start the dreaded diet". Oh, but news break, news break, Jim and I are joining a health club next week, so we will "have" to get started on our diets, so we are on the right track. I have conquered part of the cable problem. I am down to basic and what a challenge that is. Thank goodness for Fox News or I'd have to go cold turkey all together. I mean, really, have you really looked at the local news channel??? Paleeeze, is that really worthy to be called news. The reading is coming along. I have read a few more pages of my book and have the new one picked out. The purging continues. I am currently in Steve's room since he has moved out. This will become the study/game room. I am in the process of accessing what I can and can't get rid of....not because Steve says I can't, but because I am the Mom..I mean, how can we get rid of so many things. Two things for sure, the large arcade game and surf board must go. I am finding no attachments to them, though (I regress) Steve does. I am keeping with my promise to get rid of a large garbage bag of things a day though. Its wonderful....I have pulled out way too many things while assessing.oh, geez, what a mess , but I have vowed that from one side of this house to the other, everything will have a place and it will be in ints place by next weekend or I move. haha, ok just kidding!!!! Well, the resolutions continue and the list grows, but I am determined that 2007 will be a wonderful, productive, growing year for us all. There is much to be greatful for and to look forward to.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I belong to a Scrapbooking forum and we have a weekly challenge to which I am going to participate in at various times... here are my answers to this weeks challenge....

1. I love dark days with a touch of rain..yes, i do..i just love them!!...Whereas,
these types of days usually bring about signs of depression in some, I tend to
thrive in them. As usual, I am backwards!!!
2. At age 6 I sat down at the piano and started playing like I had been playing for years. I play by ear (ok, smart pants, not with my ear, by ear). My dad was a minister at a small church in Raymondville, Texas and they didn't have a pianist. One day while at the church as my dad was working, i sat at the bench and started playing. A definite gift from God (well, when I practiced, my brothers certainly didn't call it a gift) My parents had me take piano lessons, to which my teacher told them I had no talent. Probaby the first kid ever thrown out of music lessons,haha... Well,
here I am some 41 years later and I can rejoice to the Lord through what He gave
me. Hey , who needs talent, right?
3. I am not the mother of a small child..hard to believe, I know!!!.Everyone who hears me talk about my son, Stevie, are always shocked that he is 27 years old, and just die laughing when they find out. To you, I say thanks for thinking I am so young looking!!! hahaha
4. Since I was very young I have been fascinated ( ok, hold on to yourself here) with Winter Texan mobile home parks and living at one...I know, call me crazy, whatever!!! I don't even like camping, but as I have said before, this is not camping... I can't wait until Jim turns 55 (we are just a little over 3 years away) and we can move onto one..It looks like an absolute blast. A party going on every day of the week if you want..PARDY, PARDY, PARDDDYY!!! Woohoo!!!! I am very into tight spaces, no yard work to speak of, lots of friends to choose from, and lots going on...I am a party waiting to happen, I'm told!!!!
5. I hate WALMART....I know hate is a strong word, but I strongly hate Walmart and everything about it.I dislike shopping but if Walmart was all we had to choose from in America, I would literally never go. I probably go once or twice a year and usually I am held captive by someone who "just has to go", to you I say ughhhhhhhhhh......

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yes, its that time again...the dreaded New Year's Resolution list is now done!!!
Will I stick to it? I am hoping that by publishing it, that I can at least make
a positive attempt at we go.....

1. yes, the ever yearly popular DIET.....I figure I am getting older and I would love to see my feet again while standing upright.

2. Church...I believe Jim and I are resolved on a church and are planning to get started once again. I miss the fellowship with other believers and I know God misses us visiting Him in his house. I long to be in a place where I can worship Him with others.

3. Bible study with Jim...oh how I have missed these..we got into very bad habits when he deployed when the war broke out and never restarted them when he returned home..i have a couple books already picked out just waiting for Jim to give the "OK".

4. Simplify....yes, that is word and I do know what it means...I am so tired of stuff..It not only clutters my home but my mind and beginning this weekend I intend to get rid of one bag of stuff daily for 30 days....

5. Let go of things and people that I can't change. It exhausts me!!!! And besides, once again , i am reminded that God doesn't need my help in this area. Geez, when will I ever learn this lesson...

6. Get caught up on my scrapbooking..I am going to organize all the
photos that are still not in their protective box. I am going to strive for a
minimum of scrapping 200 pages for 2007.

7. There is an issue I want to complete and have vowed to have it done this year. Only a few people know of this--Jim, Steve, Kim, & Connie. My trusted allies...

8. I am going to love the unlovable if it kills them and it may ME!!literally.haha...YOu know there are those people that are in our path that you'd just like to get a super sudsor to get them out of your way, but I know and you know they are there for a reason. I have vowed to love them in spite of ourselves. This is no way is related to #5 though you may think it is. In my mind, and thats all that matters, I have it separated..

9. Promote Jim to King this year. He has been my prince Charming for so long and is so good to me. Secret here, are you listening..(I am saying this in a whisper). Sometimes I take advantage of Jim.. Yes I do, I know, its true, and I am going to treat him like the royalty that he is...He is love of my life and I intend for him to know that every day...I of course , know that it does take 21 days to create a new habit, and I will need to remind him of this..haha

10. Read, I am going to read more often. For crying out loud I work in the library and don't read more than 2 books a year, if that. I am in the process of reading a new book right now and its political, of course.

11. Return sometime soon to the Green's Thursday Group. How have I
let life get in the way? You know when you know you are suppose to be somewhere
but you aren't? I miss this group, who it represents and the what Jim &
Sandy (yes, they have the same names) add to our lives. I need to make this a

12. A trip to Oklahoma City, where it all began for Jim and I. We
have both really been wanting to take a quick trip, visit our friends and

13. I am giving up cable tv. I used to never watch television, but once Jim's deployment came, I was glued to it. I will let you in on a secret--I am a news junkie. I am hoping to start recovering from this during this year. We have already canceled 120 channel and downsized to 40 channels. And the only reason I haven't just dumped cable all together is because I love FOX NEWS and crime tv..there its out in the open...I feel so much better. My plan is that by March 1 I will no longer "need" these shows in my life. I must be weined, I mean afterall, heroin addicts aren't just stripped of their drugs, right?

Any way, here are some of my resolutions. I think these are doable...Well, #1 will be the hardest, lets just be honest. I was doing so good while I had my surgery and then I went back to work and thats all it took...I had been had!!!! Anyway, good luck to all of you and your resolutions and I'll let you know how mine are coming along. A new year, a new beginning and a time to start over...I love new beginnings!!!.....

Monday, January 01, 2007


As a military wife, I know all too well the sacrifices some are asked to make. There are 4 little girls that have made the ultimate sacrifice for the past few years. While other children are out kicking ball with their dads, having a special movie date with him, or are being tucked into bed at night feeling secure knowing "their daddy" is in the other room sleeping, these little girls have given to their nation something most of our children are never asked to give. Yes, it is true, its their Daddy's profession that takes him away, but as children they pay a very big price for our freedom and security. If you know of a child who's parent is serving their country away, take the time to remember them and thank them and hey, how about a movie date with one of them. It would make their day!!! To Megan, Autum, Kylie, and our little Maddie I say thank you. You are our real heros. We are so proud of your Daddy for serving his country. I know you miss him and my prayer is that when you are reunited in about 8 weeks, that he will be with you for a very long time, before he is asked to "deploy" once again. You are such brave little girls and I am so proud of you all. You are growing into such beautiful and wonderful little girls and I know your daddy is very proud of you, as we all are. Thank you for all you have done for "your country". We love you all very much...Your Aunt Sandi and Uncle Jim