Friday, September 15, 2006

HIS NAME IS RALPHIE..............

OK, we've all seen them....the kids that are doing a balancing act to keep their pants on..I know you've seen them...They are the ones who wear printed underwear(boxers , no doubt), no belt, and their pants hang about 12 inches below their waist. The pockets of their pants are literally at their knees...Yeah, see I told you, you've seen them...Well, I have finally figured out how they keep their pants on..just when I figured it out, one of the magazine news shows did a report on them also and observed exactly the same thing..I have been watching one person in particular and his name is Ralphie and have I had an education this summer,hahaha..Now here's the secret.It's in the knees..yes, the knees....Its all about balance and coordination. These kids turn their knees out a certain way and are slightly bent and they are just balanced on. That's it!!!! Now along with this balancing of the pants goes a whole other language, one set apart from any other. It seems they walk hand in hand....they throw their head slightly back, and to the left. Their eyes are only opened slightly. Then there's this arm thing going on where they extend from side to side and hands are pointed upwarded and then out from their mouths comes, yeah thats it, you've heard it!!!----"WASSUP"..I have to admit that I have probalby given way too much thought than anyway should to this, but hey, if a news magazine does a show on it, I can't be alone in my wonderings. hahahah!!!! so, 'WASSUP, RALPHIE!!'


Well, its been quite a while since I have hit the road...Jim leaves for 2 weeks of "play Army", so I am headed out of town for 4 days...where am I going? REally, come on you know, right? Connie's!!!! Where else? I mean she treats me like the queen that I am, Randy lets us play in the scraproom, and its the best B&B this side of San Antonio...We will scrapbook and make cards all weekend, with the exception of Sat where I get to be a guest at Andi Mercer's 2nd, how did I rate that!!!!Note to STeve: please note that you went to school with Andi's dad and he has a 2 year old child.hmmmmph...anyway,don't want to make a big deal out of it, just want to point it out in case you haven't realized how long its been!!Please feel no pressure coming from me, back to the trip... A friend from work and I are traveling together, she is headed to go see her sister in nearby Austin....I am waving at you Edna!!!! Over here...she wants to leave at 5 (I am anxious to go but not that anxious,know what I mean???hahaha), but we are going to take off at 6. I would hate to get to Con's before she rolls out of bed...oops....sorry, Con, did I just let your "little secret" out of the bag? bwahahahahaha, not to worry, no one reads this blog anyway..ehehehe.....i will try to finally post some pics of our trip on here if i can ever figure it out(I am not really a computer guru, you know, but really a basic picture should be doable, yes?)Well, haven't been blogging much lately, but need to get started again soon... Well, I am off to get my stamps together............

Thursday, September 14, 2006


9-11-01 Those numbers represent a day like no other. They bring with it a vision like many of us have never seen before and one we will never forget. We all know where we were, who we were with and what we felt from the very moment we saw that plane hit the first twin tower. I saw America feeling vulnerable for the first time in my lifetime. I saw Americans in tears, on their knees looking to someone greater than themselves, helping one another, dying for their neighbor, it brought unity. Ironically, it was also one of America's finest moments. 9-11 changed our lives forever. It brought with it a new respect for our country, and many of its leaders, that our flag really did represent something, and a very real realization that we really weren't promised tomorrow. Life as we knew it was over. We had just realized something so horrific and couldn't believe that it happened on our soil. We witnessed something many people in other countries live through day after day. We saw the face of hate and what it brings. 9-11 brought a change to our military. Many of us sent loved ones to a foreign country within months to begin to put a stop to terrorism. Because of 9-11 we have buried hundreds of America's finest soldiers. We had a new found pride in those who served and represented us. On the fifth anniversary of 9-11, I didn't want to relive those moments..they are embedded in my memory forever. Instead, I chose to thank God for all the years He's had his hand upon our country. I realized that God could have stopped that day and we could have carried on. I can also see that as we wept that day, that God also wept. He not only wept for His children that were lost, but for the realization that so many of His other children were crying out to him, some for the very first time. Has America not realized it's been the hand of God all these years that has protected this country? My hope and prayer for America, is that as many of us remember 9-11 that we never forget our horror and feelings and realize where our comfort and our hope came from that day and the one who carried us through it all. Ironically, the source has always been and will always be from the one and only true God. May we never forget 9-11 but always look to the comforter of that day...........

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Why is it people can't take no for an answer? I mean what part of "we love you but can't have you in our lives" don't they undersand. Here we are 5 years later and having to deal once again with one of the biggest heartaches in our married lives all over again ...Well, Jim is having to deal with itI should say. I personally have no problem washing my hands of people who continually demonstrate bad and toxic behavior, but Jim does..Wasn't it enough to leave and know you had just been in the presence of the biggest manipulator and liar you had ever encountered? Worse when your blood runs through their veins also. Unfortunately, these people love to prey on his sensitive side (to which that is one of Jim's biggest attributes). I have personally been at the crossroads and been hit by the speeding car many times...As I tell him, after you get run over so many times, you know not to go to that intersection again or even put your foot on the road...But Jim has made stipulations this time, good for him, cause now maybe we won't have to deal with "this" person afterall. Humility isn't one of "Mr Toxic"" strongest suits afterall.... I especially dislike when "someone" says "we're all getting older" only to answer back after Jim expresses his concerns with "well if you can live with it"...ughhhh, isn't it great , well whatever i won't even go there!!!! Yeah, I can live with it and yes we are getting older, thats even more a reason , i have high pressure, I don't need the stress!!!! Do they not feel their are consequences to their actions, that their behavior can continue as long as they say I'm sorry...Well, one thing, you have to mean it!!!! Now, why do I blog this? Because this is my little escape on the net and noone but friends has this site and will love me anyway,warts and all,hahaha!!! And most of you know what its all about anyway and i wanted to get it off my chest.....thats why...oh well, now i must move on....ok, i am off to get things ready for the week..don't forget to hang and fly your flags tomorrow.....

Sunday, September 03, 2006



*empty gum wrappers (x4 wadded up, one with chewed up gum in it)
*47 cents in change
*grocery list (whose is this???I don't shop!!)
*baby picture of Deven (he's a couple days old, note to self: the kid is 8 months old, ask mother for updated picture...also, tell Kathleen I can't be expected to not show favoritism if she doesn't at least share a pic of Jayden..
*my dependent military ID card(another note to self: it expires this month, update)
*my wallet, brown leather(why are the contents all dumped in my purse)
*2 pens, now thats where my grape flavored pen is, yes that is what i said, grape flavored..
*stickers of giraffes (was going to give these to my special kids at work)
*tweezers (that's where they were)
*cell phone bill from fe(what???? thank goodness it was paid!!)
*a pair of Jim's glasses (he has these cheap $2 glasses spread out all over the house and car and apparently in my purse!!
*mirror (ahhh still not broken)

*a small piece of paper with the number 47 on this at Dr. Vargas office to tell me what number i was...
*my WW journal, boy have I backslid on this special project.dont' think i'll read tonight...
*key, not sure what this is to??
*empty checkbook...
*2 single dollar bills(wow, i am not broke after all)
*contacts (well they were contacts, they are all dried up now, bummer)
*starburst (no red ones, they are my favorites)
*jim's ako email addy and password (gee thats secure)
*the top of nice and easy with the perfect color for me on it...which reminds me, i am due a coloring....

So what is this list all about????Well, since my surgery in April, I have not carried a purse..I know, I've returned to work and everything and just carry a tube of lipstick with me..thats it!! It's worked great until recently..i am getting out more and most of my clothes do not have pockets so unfortunately if someone requests the pleasure of my company and Jim is not around, well, sorry, but guess who doens't pay!!!This is not intentional, I just got used to being without that bag..i didn't really need it at the hospital and was home for so long i got to where i enjoyed being without it...besides, a queen always has someone around to carry her things don'tcha know??? hahaha
Well, I am getting this purse cleaned out and my contents under control and under 2 lbs cuz , well just cuz i'm a girl and thats a girl rule....The one thing that wasn't in my purse is my Driver License...this is in storage somewhere awaiting an arrival time from Iraq...Yep that DL went to Iraq and back, don't ask...other than Jim had it to make a deposit, not sure why he needed my dl oh well...I know, I know, but really how many times do we really get me get stopped in a few minutes when i head out the door....well, thanks for sharing this horrible ordeal with me, and next time you see me feel free to ask me to lunch, my treat!!!!