Friday, October 23, 2009

Punkin time in Harlingen

Deven and his punkin choice..............................

Jayden picks not one, but 2 punkins...ahh was a fun time!!!

Now I know this is not a punkin patch like in many other places, but here in the valley it's what we have, and we love it, year after year. The Methodist church sets this up yearly and it is becoming a holiday tradition for our family...A couple of years ago I took the great nieces and Deven and I went last year and now this year not only did Dev go, but we took Jayden also. I am not sure who had the most fun Jayden or the ladies working the punkin patch...Jayden talks to everyone (well, unless your family and then he ignores you, haha,,,thats a whole other post, haha). He talked to them not only about the punkins but the ghourds, to which he had never seen these before. They fascinated him. We were at the patch for almost hour...We looked and held literally every size, shape, or color of punkin you can imagine..haha..he could have chosen any punkin he wanted and the above is what he came out with....2 smalls ones....gotta love him....I am going to do the layouts of these pics soon so you can check them out on my crafty blog:

until next time----Sandi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looky, Devin's sissy, Daniella

I've been busy working on the house lately in the playroom and working on a few projects that have taken a back seat wayyyyyy too long, hhahaa...I have missed my nephews so much lately, I decided to go pick Deven up from daycare early..Now before you start gettin on to me about showing favortism , its not, his Mom doesn't allow anyone to pick up Jay ( and thats a whole other story, right Kat???, haha)After taking Deven to visit Grandma Josephine we ended up playing at my house for a few hours and then it was time to head to our old stomping grounds, Raymondville. Minerva and her sisters threw a birthday party for their oldest sister, Janie and guess who got invited...yep me...hahaha woohoo....anyway, that just opened the door to spending time with all my nieces and nephews from my brother's family....and what a night we had...I have the cutest 2 nephews and the youngest niece, Daniella, well, tell me, is she not just beautiful????I know, her looks come from her mom, can't ya tell!!!! Don't have much to post lately but thought i'd share a few pics from the party....the cute ones are: Deven, Daniella, & not to EVER be left out, Jayden...and he's a post in himself..hahaha....enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Stephen Christopher Runyan, aka, Stevie
Our little 4.7 lb baby turned 30 today. Jim and I can't imagine where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our little premie baby home and we were scared to death to hurt him, haha.....Now he still scares us!!! hahaha..just kidding...We were blessed with just one child and Jim and I both agree, we are so forunate we were blessed with Steve. He is funny, cutting and darling all at the same time. He is a good blend of both Jim and I, but, oh my, he is so his own person also, haha...which has kept life very interesting for those 30 years. As a child we just adored him, as a teenager, its a wonder we didn't kill each other, and as an adult, we are so proud God gave him especially to us... Happy birthday, Steve...We love you!!!

Mom and Dad (oh yeah, and sometimes he calls me Sandra, haha)