Friday, June 04, 2010

The Story of Jimmy Lee

When I met first met my husband he was Jim. Then we had Stevie and he became Daddy. Ahh, and once upon a time just after this, I was trying to make a funny with his given name-James Lee- and decided to put a some-what asian spin on it, haha...I called him Jimmy Lee Wong and boy did that one moment in time start something.

The first time I called him that, I had 2 little nieces, Miss Kathleen (aka Kat) and Baby Baby (aka Kristyne). For whatever reason, something in that name made Miss Kathleen giggle and I can still hear that innocent giggle in head even today, haha!! From that time on Jim's name was replaced first by the nieces, then by our nephew Bubba who had just been born. To Bubba he has always known him as Jimmy Lee. My sister in law and brother started calling him Jimmy Lee as easy as if that were his given now without even a thought. At family gatherings where others are included he is known as Jimmy Lee. What had I started? haha!!

Fast forward some 18 years later (yes, it has been that long) and we have 2 great-nephews and 1 great-niece. When the boys began to talk, we noticed a slight change in their version of Jimmy Lee--our Jimmy Lee was now, JimaLee and spoken with a very southern drawl especially by Jay. Upon the first glance of Jim, depending on what generation you are, my Jim is either Jimmy Lee or JimaLee. What started out as a sort of joke is now a term that says love.