Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's so hard to believe it's just a few days away. I can remember when 2000 seemed like a lifetime away and I guess in a way it was, haha...but here I am in the lifetime. Life is good and there are about 3 things I'd change, but for whatever reason this is where I am suppose to be--so what do you do? You embrace what you can't change and make the most of this thing called LIFE.

2011, I will let go of the things I can't control (cuz, quite frankly it's exhausting and scripture says, I am not in control anyway, haha, so whats the point).... In 2011, I will work on me, in the physical, mental, and above all the spiritual. God has given us this one life and I don't what to waste what He's given me...

Jim and I are looking forward to a new year as it's a time for new beginnings. We will continue to love but let go of the things that hold us back in the 3 things mentioned above....We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us as He has been so good to us...

Blessings to you all....Jim & Sandi

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cinnamon Pecans

What a day!! I am NOT a cook but I love to bake... Jim and I are starting to enjoy fall (I know a little late) but in South Tx fall doesn't usually visit us until the end of Oct and sometimes as late as the end of November.....well it's here...It's beautiful and that bug that makes me want to bake is all stirred up.....

I've had these before and always loved them and wondered why I couldn't make them myself...well there is absolutely no reason why I couldn't....oh my, soooo easy....thought I'd share with ya and since ya live so far and can't just come across the street, here's the recipe I lady came up with adding the extra brown sugar and it is so yummy.....i am sure they are fat free, so enjoy, cuz Jim and I are.....

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
3 cups whole pecans (walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds)

Preheat oven to 350°F. Combine sugar, cinnamon and salt. Whisk egg white until frothy and add the nuts. Toss until well coated. Add dry ingredients and stir well.

Spread nuts on a cookie sheet lined with foil, in a single layer.

Bake for 20 minutes.

Cool and store in an airtight container. Can be frozen.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Fall's here!!

Now in most places, you know that fall is here by the changing of the colors outside and by the coolness that is felt when you walk outside....Now here in South Tx we know fall is here by two things: the calendar and newsman tells us AND the 1st Methodist Church of Harlingen has it's annual Pumpkin Patch set up. It has now become a tradition (or at least for Jim and I , haha) to pick up Jay and Dev and take them to pick out there pumpkins....It is something I have started to look forward to every year...this year the punkin pickin was fun for the boys but not quite as fun as the slide that was there, haha...we about NEVER got Jay off the thing and into the car....he has a rebuttal to everything...yes, I know, Jim says he gets it from me, haha, I on the other thinks he gets it from his Grandma Minerva....yes???? haha

Anyway, Happy Fall ya and enjoy lookin at Simpson nephews...we just love them...oh, and btw, we do have a great niece, Daniella (aka as Danlilla by Dev, haha) but she won't venture out with us just yet...Dev says she's too much trouble...i don't know, but next year, she's ours!!! Adios for now!

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Story of Jimmy Lee

When I met first met my husband he was Jim. Then we had Stevie and he became Daddy. Ahh, and once upon a time just after this, I was trying to make a funny with his given name-James Lee- and decided to put a some-what asian spin on it, haha...I called him Jimmy Lee Wong and boy did that one moment in time start something.

The first time I called him that, I had 2 little nieces, Miss Kathleen (aka Kat) and Baby Baby (aka Kristyne). For whatever reason, something in that name made Miss Kathleen giggle and I can still hear that innocent giggle in head even today, haha!! From that time on Jim's name was replaced first by the nieces, then by our nephew Bubba who had just been born. To Bubba he has always known him as Jimmy Lee. My sister in law and brother started calling him Jimmy Lee as easy as if that were his given now without even a thought. At family gatherings where others are included he is known as Jimmy Lee. What had I started? haha!!

Fast forward some 18 years later (yes, it has been that long) and we have 2 great-nephews and 1 great-niece. When the boys began to talk, we noticed a slight change in their version of Jimmy Lee--our Jimmy Lee was now, JimaLee and spoken with a very southern drawl especially by Jay. Upon the first glance of Jim, depending on what generation you are, my Jim is either Jimmy Lee or JimaLee. What started out as a sort of joke is now a term that says love.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It has been a wonderful past few months. Steve and Amy got married and are so happy it almost just makes me cry. Their business seems to be prospering and they are planning for a wonderful future.

We spent Christmas with the Simpson clan and it was so much fun as usual, as those little boys kept us on our toes. Santa made his yearly visit (I'll post the pic soon) and we were so thrilled Jimmy Lee was able to pull off another year without being detected, haha....

Jim and I are getting ready to head to the St Louis area for a quick trip to check on his parents and then I will be thrilled to be "bringing back" my bestest friend in the world back home with me. We have lots of plans to create and maybe see the valley through a visitors perspective. I have lived in the RGV for many years but there is so much I have never seen. I know it's here, and I know people come from all over to see it, but its just been something I "was going to do" someday. WEll , someday is coming, haha!!!

I am off today, so Jim and I are headed to the movie and out to dinner to celebrate Valentines Day. Yes, we know its a few days early, but honestly, I am way too old to stand in line and besides don't have much patience for that, haha.... At any rate, i am going to enjoy being with my sweetie for an afternoon....

blessings, Sandi

Friday, October 23, 2009

Punkin time in Harlingen

Deven and his punkin choice..............................

Jayden picks not one, but 2 punkins...ahh was a fun time!!!

Now I know this is not a punkin patch like in many other places, but here in the valley it's what we have, and we love it, year after year. The Methodist church sets this up yearly and it is becoming a holiday tradition for our family...A couple of years ago I took the great nieces and Deven and I went last year and now this year not only did Dev go, but we took Jayden also. I am not sure who had the most fun Jayden or the ladies working the punkin patch...Jayden talks to everyone (well, unless your family and then he ignores you, haha,,,thats a whole other post, haha). He talked to them not only about the punkins but the ghourds, to which he had never seen these before. They fascinated him. We were at the patch for almost hour...We looked and held literally every size, shape, or color of punkin you can imagine..haha..he could have chosen any punkin he wanted and the above is what he came out with....2 smalls ones....gotta love him....I am going to do the layouts of these pics soon so you can check them out on my crafty blog:

until next time----Sandi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looky, Devin's sissy, Daniella

I've been busy working on the house lately in the playroom and working on a few projects that have taken a back seat wayyyyyy too long, hhahaa...I have missed my nephews so much lately, I decided to go pick Deven up from daycare early..Now before you start gettin on to me about showing favortism , its not, his Mom doesn't allow anyone to pick up Jay ( and thats a whole other story, right Kat???, haha)After taking Deven to visit Grandma Josephine we ended up playing at my house for a few hours and then it was time to head to our old stomping grounds, Raymondville. Minerva and her sisters threw a birthday party for their oldest sister, Janie and guess who got invited...yep me...hahaha woohoo....anyway, that just opened the door to spending time with all my nieces and nephews from my brother's family....and what a night we had...I have the cutest 2 nephews and the youngest niece, Daniella, well, tell me, is she not just beautiful????I know, her looks come from her mom, can't ya tell!!!! Don't have much to post lately but thought i'd share a few pics from the party....the cute ones are: Deven, Daniella, & not to EVER be left out, Jayden...and he's a post in himself..hahaha....enjoy!!!