Monday, November 01, 2010

Fall's here!!

Now in most places, you know that fall is here by the changing of the colors outside and by the coolness that is felt when you walk outside....Now here in South Tx we know fall is here by two things: the calendar and newsman tells us AND the 1st Methodist Church of Harlingen has it's annual Pumpkin Patch set up. It has now become a tradition (or at least for Jim and I , haha) to pick up Jay and Dev and take them to pick out there pumpkins....It is something I have started to look forward to every year...this year the punkin pickin was fun for the boys but not quite as fun as the slide that was there, haha...we about NEVER got Jay off the thing and into the car....he has a rebuttal to everything...yes, I know, Jim says he gets it from me, haha, I on the other thinks he gets it from his Grandma Minerva....yes???? haha

Anyway, Happy Fall ya and enjoy lookin at Simpson nephews...we just love them...oh, and btw, we do have a great niece, Daniella (aka as Danlilla by Dev, haha) but she won't venture out with us just yet...Dev says she's too much trouble...i don't know, but next year, she's ours!!! Adios for now!

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