Thursday, October 30, 2008



This year has absolutely just flown by. I don't know whether its because I'm getting older or what is going on, but it seems like I was just getting excited because Thanksgiving was almost here. Well guess what? Thanksgiving is almost here-AGAIN!! We are really looking forward to it this year. I am hoping it will be nice and quiet. Jim & I are thinking of heading to San Antonio for the holiday and just eating out. No dishes to fix, clean up or put away. Am I just lazy that this is all I think about when it comes to the holidays? Or do I just like to spend my time being with Jim. Speaking of Jim. I have been out of pocket for the past 2 weeks on his days off and I have literally not seen him except once during that time. This working out of town is for the dogs but we have a plan that may just about to be changing our lives. Hey, change is good, especially if it means having my main squeeze around more. I miss having him around. He's such a good sport and lets me be queenie, but its ok cuz I let him be the king also so it works out just fine. He is missing Steve & I and everyone here misses him more I think. Anyway, changes are a coming!!

Hopefully you all have gotten out and voted. Jim and I voted early this past week and we are so praying the polls are wrong and McCain slides in for the win. We love America and all that being Americans entails so we are doing our part this weekend. I've committed to spending 6 hours on the phone trying to rally support for McCain between Saturday & Sunday. So once again, get out and vote if you've not done so. Just thought I'd share a photo of a sign I took to my gf & her hubby in the hill country last weekend. I am so proud Randy kept that sign up. He is a republican but doesn't advertise. Kudos to you Randy. You rock! If we win, its cuz of you and that sign. ;) Be blest everyone and God Bless America!