Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's so hard to believe it's just a few days away. I can remember when 2000 seemed like a lifetime away and I guess in a way it was, haha...but here I am in the lifetime. Life is good and there are about 3 things I'd change, but for whatever reason this is where I am suppose to be--so what do you do? You embrace what you can't change and make the most of this thing called LIFE.

2011, I will let go of the things I can't control (cuz, quite frankly it's exhausting and scripture says, I am not in control anyway, haha, so whats the point).... In 2011, I will work on me, in the physical, mental, and above all the spiritual. God has given us this one life and I don't what to waste what He's given me...

Jim and I are looking forward to a new year as it's a time for new beginnings. We will continue to love but let go of the things that hold us back in the 3 things mentioned above....We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us as He has been so good to us...

Blessings to you all....Jim & Sandi

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