Friday, February 12, 2010


It has been a wonderful past few months. Steve and Amy got married and are so happy it almost just makes me cry. Their business seems to be prospering and they are planning for a wonderful future.

We spent Christmas with the Simpson clan and it was so much fun as usual, as those little boys kept us on our toes. Santa made his yearly visit (I'll post the pic soon) and we were so thrilled Jimmy Lee was able to pull off another year without being detected, haha....

Jim and I are getting ready to head to the St Louis area for a quick trip to check on his parents and then I will be thrilled to be "bringing back" my bestest friend in the world back home with me. We have lots of plans to create and maybe see the valley through a visitors perspective. I have lived in the RGV for many years but there is so much I have never seen. I know it's here, and I know people come from all over to see it, but its just been something I "was going to do" someday. WEll , someday is coming, haha!!!

I am off today, so Jim and I are headed to the movie and out to dinner to celebrate Valentines Day. Yes, we know its a few days early, but honestly, I am way too old to stand in line and besides don't have much patience for that, haha.... At any rate, i am going to enjoy being with my sweetie for an afternoon....

blessings, Sandi

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